The Ultimate Sales Cycle

Marketing Campaigns

Plan and Execute SMS Texts Marketing Campaigns & Email Newsletter Marketing Campaigns
  • Google Search – Email Marketing Newsletter
  • SMS Marketing – Online Ads - Social Media Ads
  • Partners – Content - Marketing – Events
  • Magazines – Local Ads
  • PR – Corporate & VIP

With online booking real-time connected with the software and marketing, the team can identify viable sales opportunities and grow the business.

Website visitors – Inbound Calls

Organic Views – Web Forms – New Customers – New Appointments
  • Organic Web Traffic – Ads referrals – Email responses
  • Yellow Pages – Google Maps – Phone Calls
  • Word of mouth referrals
  • Contact Us Forms – Social Networks
  • Content Marketing Blog
  • Online Communities – Local guides
  • Facebook – Twitter - Instagram

Marketing Automation

Keep Your Team in Sync
  • Increase Productivity
  • Access Up-to-date
  • Information on Key
  • Access Customers Anywhere

Marketing Automation

Optimize the sales flow

Without a system in place to manage all these opportunities, a team can be thrown into chaos, but the perfect software can help a lot.

With marketing automation technology to handle much of the organizational work, and tools to keep everything neat, a business can grow its inflow of bookings to start driving business results.

Marketing Automation can automatically handle most of the administrative work and save time.

With Automation the system will send out reminders with the special offers of the month for treatments and the special offer of the month for products.

Also the customer trends report will help you to identify the customer behaviour and send your personalized campaigns.

Set-up auto response emails and sms texts

  • Auto-response emails – “Thank you for your interest!”
  • Auto-response emails – “Special offer of the month for Treatments”
  • Auto-response emails – “Special offer of the month for Products”
  • Auto-response SMS Text – “Thank you for your interest!”
  • Auto-response SMS Text – “Special offer of the month for Treatments”
  • Auto-response SMS Text – “Special offer of the month for Products”

Marketing – Sales – New Customers – Offers - Reviews

  • Personalized SMS Texts and email reminders, Emails and SMS Texts.
  • Personalized Reports. Personalized Day Book.
  • Personalized Services and Categories.
  • Personalized Courses of Services.
  • Personalized Consent Forms.
  • Personalized address to book online.
  • Save Hours each week eliminating Manual Work.
  • Get Actionable Insights From Your Data.
  • Keep Your Team in Sync, Increase Productivity.
  • Access Up-To-Date Information on Key Customers.
  • Access from Anywhere at any time.
  • Better Control, Better Management.

New Appointments – New Customers – New Payments

Business Development

These business applications are used to increase productivity, to measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately.

Implementing the right software can increase sales and productivity. You can grow sales, save time, get organized.

Great Results gives your entire company a 360-degree view of your customers, appointments and facilitates collaboration across your organization, helping you build strong, lasting customer relationships to run your business, grow sales, save time, get organized.